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" I used the Foam Power product on my truck exhaust tip which always has mud and soot on it. A couple of sprays of Diesel Soot Foam, waited a couple of moments  and then power washed it. Everything came right off with little or no brushing! It's amazing! I usually have to use the car wash scrub brush 3-4 times and rinse before it's even close to what Diesel soot Foam does easily! I use it on my entire truck with little to no spotting!"

Ron Knoch - President, DIESEL Motorsports

Kansas City, MO

" We really like the visual coverage markers the foam gives us, while providing excellent cleaning."


        Ryan Burgess - Maintenance Supervisor

        Ever Fresh Transportation

       Grand Rapids, MI

"The Dirt Track Foam cleaning system cut my time at the car wash in half and, with the use of RV & Trailer Magic Foam, my 

  all white car hauler hasn't been this white since I bought it!"


        Wayne Johnson

        National Sprint Car Champion

        Knoxville, IA

"If your dirt racing operation thoroughly cleans its race cars every week than the Foam Power system matched with light power washing will save time & maintain a level of cleanliness that normally can only be reached by hand washing every nook & cranny of your car.  If keeping your race car & components clean is not a priority or standard in  your operation, then it may not be worth the investment. However,  keep in mind over time the toll clay takes on race car components is pretty severe. A hour or two once a week along with the foam system should pay off in the long run."

         Dave Baker
         Baker Racing

         Walker, MI

"The majority of tracks in the United States are dirt tracks. Keeping equipment operating efficiently in these conditions is critical. There is the need for product like Foam Power to meet the demands of short track racers from the grassroots to professionals levels." 

         Tim Frost
          National Speedway Directory, Publisher
          Wilmette, Il

"The Foam Power cleaning system has provided us with excellent cleaning of our shop, while stretching the cleaning

  chemical far, far beyond our previous cleaning process and  chemical!"


        Adam Reavis

        Cascade Automotive

        Grand Rapids, MI

"I haven't found anything I can't clean with it! This is why I choose to rep for Foam Power!"

         Dennis Michelsen

         Race Talk Radio

         Sycamore, IL

"We reduced the number of cleaning products from 4 to 1 with the Foam Power cleaning system, while cutting our cleaning time in half."

       Alex - Cleaning Supervisor

       STAR Collision CARSTAR

       Grand Rapids, MI

"I clean four motorcycles in the time it use to take me to clean one!"


        Craig - Detailing Department

        Fox Powersports

        Kentwood, MI

Ron, you and your cleaning products are great! The Foam Power foaming system works extremely well! I would suggest your product to anyone that has hard to reach areas that normal cleaning cannot reach. The combination of your foamer, and the accompanying chemistry, is a huge time saver! We also thank you for your excellent customer service!

       Brett "Growly" Schunk - Parts and Service Manager @

       Boondox Motorsports

       Caledonia, MI

I've used Foam Power's Diesel Soot Foam on all of our competition trucks, SEMA trucks and motocross bikes/ATVs, as well as daily use on our customers' trucks as a simple, safe and effective method of degreasing nd cleaning. Recently I decided to use it's sister cleaner, Foam Home, to spray the vinyl siding and window casings of my home. The results were nothing short of incredible! The cleaner removed the soil, mildew and sun damaged haze/black discolortion associated with the white flashing. Even in the areas that didn't appear to be dirty, the product removed a grayish hue. The storm door, that was covered in dirty, fingerprinted saturated edges (from my children), was transformed back to clean white vinyl almost like it had been bleached. Absolutely amazing.

        Rich Strube - Owner/Diesel Specialist

        Richie's Truck and Auto

        Long Island, NY

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